How to Lose Body Fat with Water

Do you think your body needs 8 cups of water daily and no more? You could be depriving your body of much needed water to meet your fitness and weight loss goals. Our bodies are made up of up to 70 percent water. Water is an extremely

How to Lose 10 Pounds or More by Relaxing

If losing weight is a goal, there are many reasons why you should relax. It’s normal to be anxious about losing weight. Relaxing can help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Stress can cause you to add on the pounds. Fight stress so you can be

Weight Loss with a Romantic Partner

If you and your romantic partner are trying to lose weight, try to do it together. There are benefits to shedding the pounds with your loved one. There are ways to lose weight with a partner. Here are tips to make sure you two are working together

5 Best Foods for a Bikini Body

There are no other outfits as unforgiving as a bikini. If you have a body that is fit and lean however, nothing will show it off better than a bikini. Here are foods to eat if you want to look gorgeous at the beach or by the

5 Great Reasons to Lift Weights

Sure, aerobics exercise will definitely lead to weight loss. But cardiovascular activities don’t do anything for your body as soon as you stop working out. You need to build more muscles if you want to burn fat throughout the day – and even when you sleep! Research

How to Detoxify and Cleanse Your Body

We all know what the proper healthy diet can do for our bodies. We also hear about getting enough exercise and sleep. But what about detoxification? It is important in this modern world for us to detoxify and cleanse our bodies. What is detoxification? There are products

Two-year Old Youngest Person Ever to Have Weight Loss Surgery

A two year old in Saudi Arabia is the youngest person to ever undergo the weight loss surgery called a bariatric procedure. The child weighed a little over 70 pounds. Physicians recommended the surgery after the toddler was diagnosed with sleep apnea. He also experienced bowing in

The Famous Dukan Diet and Kate Middleton

  Want to know what is the Dukan Diet and why are French women as well as Duchess Kate Middleton so into this diet for weight loss? Read on! There are 4 simple steps to follow if you want to lose weight with the Dukan Diet. The

4 Super Simple Tips for Sexier Legs

There are a few things as sexy on a woman than gorgeous legs. Here are 4 very easy tricks you can do to make your lower body standout and look great in a skirt. #1 Add shimmer to your legs. It’s amazing what shimmer can do to

7 Easy Tips to Lose Weight

#1 Make sure to drink water and water alone all throughout the day. You can have a fruit juice for breakfast but stick with water after that. Did you know the average person in American consumes over 200 extra calories daily from sodas? That’s almost 100,000 calories